Tom Kestler CFP, CLU, ChFC, and CMFC

Tom is a Registered Principal and Founder of Branch Development Partners. Tom’s years of experience in the securities and insurance industries make him an invaluable resource for the registered reps we supervise. Among his many responsibilities, Tom enjoys helping our reps with complex case design and offers his assistance and insight to reps who are considering succession planning and acquisitions.

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Emily Kestler

Emily is a Registered Principal for Branch Development Partners. Emily works hand-in-hand with registered reps who are joining Securities America and our branch. She helps to create a smooth transition for new reps, understanding each practice is unique. She assists with the affiliation process, coordinates branch training, and oversees the transition of existing clients and accounts.

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Chris Fletcher

Chris is a Transition Consultant for Branch Development Partners. He works with reps who are approved to affiliate, guiding them through the transition process and the first several weeks of being an active SAI rep. Chris mainly focuses on the needs of each individual rep, offering training through demos and calls. For each newly active rep, Chris balances the need of our OSJ to maintain proper files and internal communication, as well as ensure each rep promptly completes the appropriate compliance-related tasks. He leads the planning and execution of each New Rep Visit, which we traditionally host within the first few weeks of a rep becoming active.

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